Upcoming events Announcements from each meeting

Alzheimer’s Association speaker Jill Curtis Monday, August 27, 2018; 2-3pm at Active Aging 1034 Park Avenue Meadville  for more information (814-336-1792  or 1-800-321-7705  Care receivers are welcome there are activities for them to enjoy while caregiver attends the meeting.




Saturday, October 6, 2018  Seminar Series at MASH, from 8am – 1pm. The topic is on Athletic Injuries and Addiction.


Regular Meeting times:

Crawford County Overdose Prevention Coalition meeting times

             Meeting place: Meadville Medical Center Vernon Place 2nd  Monday of the month 9:00am-10:30am


Media & Marketing Group: 2nd Monday @ 10:30 after the main CCOPC meeting

Healthcare Professionals Group: 1st Tuesday @ noon

Fitness Group for those in recovery: 4th Wed @ 1pm

First Responder Group: 2nd Thursday @ 9am

Faith-based Group: 2nd Tuersday @ 10-11am  Crawford County Drug and Alcohol offices Downtown Mall

Titusville Group: 3rd Thursday @ 2 pm at Benson Memorial Library

School-based Group: 4th Friday @ 2pm

Youth Group: varies by school

To verify dates and times or for more information, please contact CCDAEC at 814-724-4100.


Suicide and Crisis intervention Training by Stairways

To schedule this FREE training for your group call Crawford County Mobile Crisis 8AM-4 PM at (814) 337-8762 ext. 3024 or 3034

Opioid Epidemic Practical Tool Kit    The Partnership Center  Department of Health and Human Services  3.16.18 hhs-partnership-ctr-opioid-practical-toolkit-print-final



Fall Chic Annual meeting– You are invited.  Date TBD




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