Our History

The CHIC is a not-for-profit collaborative of Crawford County individuals, hospitals, school districts, and community representatives from both public and private agencies and organizations through out the county working to improve the health and wellness of its residents. It is also an official affiliate of the Pennsylvania Department of Health State Health Improvement Partnership (SHIP). The CHIC vision is to impact the quality of lives of local residents by promoting physical, mental, and social well being.

The following Time Line is a compilation of how the CHIC came into existence.

1. July 9, 2004—An informal meeting was held following the quarterly SHIP Local Advisory Committee meeting in Clarion. Several interested agencies met with Dennis Fapore, Northwest District PA DOH District Director.
2. October 19, 2004—A meeting was held at the University of Pittsburgh in Titusville with Genesis FamilyCenter as the lead agency to discuss the formation of a county collaborative board to address health and wellness issues pertinent to Crawford County .
3. February 25, 2005—A meeting was held at the Maplewood High School to bring more agencies to the table in a more central location between the two most populated cities in Crawford County , Meadvilleand Titusville .
4. April 7, 2005—The first regular meeting was held at The Family Ties Restaurant in Townville to begin the process of becoming a formal SHIP collaborative.
5. June 9, 2005—Assessments from both Meadville Medical Center and Titusville Area Hospital were used by Nancy Rea, Epidemiologist and Statistician for PA DOH to evaluate the needs of the county.
6. October 27, 2006—A meeting was held at Maplewood High School . A morning session included training on how to use the PA DOH internet site for statistical information. The afternoon session was a presentation by Nancy Rea of the results of the hospital surveys. From those needs results the group set its goals for the coming year-Obesity, Tobacco Use and Cardiovascular Risk Reduction.
7. May, 2007 and 2008-The Slippery Rock University graduate public health students presented their studies and results of the topics from the hospital surveys.
8. October, 2007–An annual meeting and educational day was held at Meadville Medical Center . The educational program “Poverty and It’s Effects on the Developing Brain” was sponsored by PenncrestSchool District .
9. February, 2008-CHIC was given official designation as a SHIP affiliate.
10. August 6, 2008-CHIC By-Laws officially adopted.
11. October, 2008-A fourth goal was adopted regarding education on how to prevent MRSA specifically and other infectious diseases.
12. November, 2008—An annual meeting was held at The Family Ties Restaurant. Elaine Parks, Caring Habits program, was presented. Several persons from Maplewood Jr./Sr. High School spoke regarding the Caring Habits program and the impact on their students.
13. October, 2009—An annual meeting was held at Wesbury in Meadville . Merrilyn Cushman, TitusvilleArea Hospital , presented a program on “Smokeless Tobacco Cessation” and “Stress Reduction in the Workplace”.

Sub-Committees Past and Present – Accomplishments
1. Crawford County Cancer Coalition-Since 2001 the Cancer sub-committee has promoted mobile mammography to over 600 women.
2. Crawford County Tobacco Coalition-The tobacco coalition has increased access to tobacco cessation and smoke free environments for both adults and children. Other tobacco activities include training of health care providers to discuss cessation with patients.
3. School Nurses School Health Council Coaliton has increased communication regarding health initiatives between the 4 school districts in Crawford County . Two schools have implemented annual Health Fairs for their Middle School students.
4. Infection Control Sub-Committee has done hand washing demonstrations in several schools within the county. A presentation was done for physicians at Meadville Medical Center and Titusville Area Hospital about MRSA.

Examples of Trainings
1. Youth focused programs aimed at reducing obesity and tobacco use.
2. Caring Habits-A 12 month program that introduces a new area of concentration to improve health, mental health, and behavior. Operating at the middle-school level at Penncrest School District
3. American Cancer Society’s School Health Leadership Institute
4. ASPIRE (A Smoking Prevention Interactive Experience)
5. Annual meeting – traditionally held in November to provide an update on the Coalition’s activities and offer education on current public health concerns.
6. Train the Trainer on Understanding Cancer,Appalachia Community Cancer Network – Betsey Aumiller

7. Summer 2014 Colon Cancer trainings at Titusville Relay for Life and local senior centers.

8. November 2014 Hot Topics in the Health Care World and Your World Dr. Sonnenberg – Flu and Enterovirus 68; Dr. Martin – Zoonoses in the Bedroom and Dr. Encarnacion – Ebola